Amy Winehouse may be gone but her story still lives on through the family she left behind after her untimely death on July 23. In the first interview since her death, Winehouse's family will sit down with journalist Anderson Cooper for his new weekly syndicated talk show, 'Anderson,' which will premiere on the first episode on Sept. 12.

Cooper will hold a conversation with Winehouse's father, Mitch, mother, Janis, brother, Alex and her boyfriend, Reg Traviss. Though details of the interview have not been revealed, a discussion about the troubled singer's battle with drugs and alcohol will surely be the main topic.

On July 23, 2011, the 'Back to Black' songstress was found dead in her London home. Numerous reports suggested her cause of death was due to alcohol withdrawal, however, the family released the results of Winehouse's toxicology tests last month. At the time of her death, no illegal drugs were present in her system.

The interview with Amy Winehouse's family debuts Sept. 12. Check local listings here to find out when 'Anderson' airs.



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