Amy Poehler has been praised for her on-point comedic timing and even funnier writing. However, she's coming under fire as a result of a disturbing joke said on her Hulu series Difficult People. The sexual remark involved R. Kelly and Beyonce and Jay-Z's 3-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

"I can't wait for Blue Ivy to be 18 years old so R. Kelly can piss on her," said comedian Julie Klausner on the show, which is described as "unfiltered commentary on the folly of life after 30 in New York."

While comedy pokes fun at others, and in many cases, celebrities, viewers felt that this joke went too far. Not only is Blue Ivy a toddler, but Kelly was also accused of urinating on an underage girl he had allegedly had sex with years ago. After undergoing a high-profile trial, he was found not guilty in 2008.

The moment the scene aired, people hopped on Twitter and blasted the SNL alum for letting the joke slide. You can see some of the comments below.

Although Klausner was the one who said the line, Poehler is "hands-on" when it comes to the script.

"Amy could not have been more hands-on. She did not only give notes on every script, she gave notes on every draft of every outline. She weighed in on casting videos, cast roles. She weighed in on production matters," Klausner told Entertainment Weekly in an interview before the joke aired.

The Difficult People actress also added, "She came up with the title. She would give notes on every single edit, not only of the shows but of the promos, the trailers. She would be involved in every stage of the process in a way that she would go above and beyond."

You can watch the clip below. What do you think of the joke? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.