With as much time as you spend on your smartphone daily, keeping that device fully charged all day is a challenge. But a new device promises to not only effectively track your activity, but also charge your phone at the same time.

Ampy is a pocket-size device that uses the energy you exert throughout the day and saves it into potential battery life for your mobile devices. You can also wear it while jogging, put it in your purse while walking through your city or even place it around your arm when you exercise at the gym.

"We set out to solve a problem that a lot of us have: Your smartphone dies before the end of your day," Ampy CEO Tejas Shastry told FastCoExist.com. "We were all active people, so we thought, is there a way to capture the kinetic energy that we put into daily activities to charge our phones?"

According to the founders of the company, city dwellers walk so much on any given day (about 10,000 steps) that they can garner enough energy with Ampy to give their phones three hours of battery life. So for those incorporating Ampy into their workout regimens, they can get even more energy. And there's an app that will monitor those statistics for active individuals.


"Ampy is designed to just fit into your life," the company's Kickstarter video claims. "Its shape matches the curves of your body, and it easily fits into your pocket or pop into your purse."

While Ampy looks like a great device that you can incorporate into your life, smartphones are advancing so quickly these days that it would be difficult to guarantee constant full battery life. But this is a step in the right direction.

The company recently finished its Kickstarter campaign and raised $309,323, which is well over their $100,000 goal. Ampy hopes to have these devices available in summer 2015.