Michael Stewart, Getty Images

Amber Rose is serious about a music career. Critics obviously aren't thrilled she's getting behind a microphone but she's not the first to capitalize on her time in the spotlight. Last month she released the Wiz Khalifa-assisted track 'Fame' and now she delivers a follow-up with 'Loaded,' a track that sounds much like something pop star Ke$ha would put out.

The song, produced by The Crew, finds Amber giving listeners an earful of the size of her bank account. The blonde model-turned-TV personality isn't hitting high notes here but rather uses a conversational tone to let the public know "I work hard for the money so listen to me honey."

As she moves over the uptempo dance floor ditty, Amber boasts about her fit frame -- "My fine ass is high class and there's nothing I'm missing" -- and the goods she splurges on -- "Gold watches, Margiela frames/ Lamborghinis in St. Tropez, tell the waiter to keep the change."

Stay tuned to see what else the Philadelphia native has in store when it comes to her music.

Behind the Shoot With Amber Rose