Kanye West's ex-leading lady Amber Rose has responded to her former boyfriend's emotional song dedication to her, which went down at a live show last night (Nov. 2) during his and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne tour stop in Philadelphia.

"To the city of Philly, I want to thank y'all for making the incredible person that this song was made for ... " Yeezy told the audience of Ms. Rose before launching into a live performance of 'Runaway,' sparking speculation that he may be looking for a reunion with his ex -- or is at least apologizing for some harsh rhymes he spat about her post-breakup.

Now, the model has candidly responded to Yeezy's shout out in an interview with Complex magazine. "I'll say this -- I didn't even know about it. This is my 50th interview today and every single person has asked me, and it made me go see what the hell they were talking about, because I don't keep up on the current events of Kanye. I just don't look him up," Kanye's explaimed -- she has more important things to think about these days you know!

"A lot of is just negativity and I don't like to bring that energy into my life," she went on to say. "But I did look at it and he said that, he said um, 'When I said that I didn't like your dress, I was an a--hole. When I said that I didn't like your hair, I was an a--hole.'"

So what does Amber make of Kanye's retrospective regret? "He was an a--hole. He was. I feel like he gets that now, and he's remorseful about being an a--hole to me."

But Amber vowed not to hold Kanye's bad behavior against him. She continued, "But he called me an incredible person, and I take that as an apology. And if it was an apology, I forgive him for being an asshole. I don't hold any grudges. I don't hate him. I want him to find a girl and for him to treat her better than he treated me."

Rose continued to take the high road and wished Kanye all the best on his quest to end his "a--hole" ways. "The next girl, she doesn't deserve that. I found pure happiness with Wiz. Why wouldn't I want that for Kanye? I want everyone to have that, to feel the way I feel about Wiz," added the lady in love with her new main man Wiz Khalifa.

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