Amber Rose debuts her first attempt at singing stardom with 'Fame,' an uptempo ditty that features her current main squeeze Wiz Khalifa.

The song, which features cover art of a side profile of Rose's face pictured in black and white, may not bank big bucks on iTunes but the celebrity's popularity -- she is Kanye West's ex-girlfriend after all -- should surely get her spins at a few radio stations across the globe.

As the track commences, a fictional man by the name of Hector Hator -- a play off the word "hater" -- from No Hair, Don't Care magazine expresses his fake enthusiasm over Rose's new project. He then gives off a quick laugh and says, "I'm sure it's going to be horrible" before she steps behind the mic.

"Scrutinized, being blind/ Sided by all the lights/ The questions weren't made up/ Like these rumors weren't made up... This is a new situation/ Now you're an overnight sensation," she sings with lighthearted vocals.

The Philadelphia native then hands the track over to her rapping love interest. "Now you're busting out/ Doing your thing/ In your face/ Cuss 'em out/ Mad 'cause you're the one that they fuss about/ You's a bad little mother, shut your mouth," Wiz Khalifa rhymes.

"Everything you say will and can be used against you," Amber coos over the dance tune.

What do you think of her attempts on 'Fame'?