It looks as if some retailers are not happy with Beyonce changing the game. With Target not selling her self-titled album, now comes word that mega e-store Amazon won’t carry her visual LP as well. WTF?

To be clear, Amazon is still selling digital copies of Queen Bey’s new album. However, Billboard discovered that the etailer is not carrying any physical copies of the disc. Not only that, Beyonce’s album wasn’t given any prime real estate on its website. Consumers can only find the MP3 when they search for it.

Much like Target, it appears Amazon is not stocking the hard copies because Beyonce released the album online first.

Apparently, some retailers are not happy with Beyonce giving preferential treatment to Apple with the exclusive release of the album when it dropped on Dec. 13. According to sources, Amazon may be considering further reprisals against Sony Music Entertainment and Columbia in the future, although talks are said to be ongoing between the label and the e-merchant.

But none of this will likely matter because Beyonce is still set to debut at No. 1 for the second week in a row, according to Billboard.

Industry sources are predicting that Beyonce’s self-titled album will move another 300,000 copies before the tracking week ends on Dec. 22. So you can add those preliminary numbers to the already 1 million copies sold since Dec. 13.

In the end, Beyonce is still changing the game whether stores want to comply or not.

Bow...Down...well, you know.