Minnesota-based newcomer Allan Kingdom walks us (and you) through every aspect of his creative process in his new 'Mediocre' video.

First of all, don't be fooled by the title of this track, because 'Mediocre' definitely isn't what we'd call average. Kingdom's talent becomes clear by halfway through the DIY clip, as he deftly shifts from producer to singer to rapper. He wears all three hats with ease, flipping playful relationship-centric raps and croons together atop a laid-back instrumental.

What makes this all the more engaging, however, is the visual presentation. You watch as Kingdom moves from element of 'Mediocre' to the next, including his downtime spent browsing music blogs and social media. It's not all about the process, though, as you'll see that he inevitably wins the object of his affection who makes him feel like a man and not so, well, mediocre.

You can watch the video above.