Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz have joined the ranks of high-profile hip-hop couples in the past few months, but until now the pair has made an active effort to keep the details of their relationship on the low. Despite rumors of a January engagement, you would be hard pressed to find the two canoodling at public events, but on Monday night (March 15), the couple made their first red carpet appearance together at Gotham Magazine's annual gala at Capitale in New York City. Keys, who played host, brought Swizzy along as her date and the two weren't shy in front of the cameras.

Part of the effort to keep their relationship under wraps stems from Swizz's messy divorce from singer and wife of ten years, Mashonda. Just a week ago, Swizz opened up about the divorce, explaining on DJ Enuff's reality show that it was a difficult period in his life. "Now after this person [Keys] comes, this is the cause of our ten years? The reason why I got my divorce is for real s---," he said on The Wizards of NYC. "I didn't get busted cheating, it wasn't none of that. I got put into a situation where she was making me pick the relationship with my older son over my marriage."

Swizz says that he is now in the process of finalizing his divorce from Mashonda.