As part of her "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway, Alicia Keys just released the touching ballad 'Somewhere in the City.' The song never made it onto her 2012 album 'Girl on Fire,' but ended up as the closing track on her documentary, 'Keep a Child Alive with Alicia Keys.'

On the heartfelt tune, the talented singer, songwriter and pianist sings about using love to conquer life's challenges. She also uses the title 'Somewhere in the City' to convey that everyone has things to contend with and challenges to overcome.

With a piano supporting her melodies and lyrics, the message Alicia relays comes through loud and clear.

"Somewhere on an island like mines, the world is shaking / Somewhere on an island like mines hearts are breaking / Seas are rising, birds are diving, dreams may wash away, but we're surviving, mothers trying to help us see our ways," she sings.

Learn more about her "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway on her website,

Listen to Alicia Keys' 'Somewhere in the City'

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