Alicia Keys recently surprised the students of the Professional Performing Arts School in New York by stopping by her old alma mater to give the kids a few awesome gifts, CBS reports. In conjunction with Western Union's World of Betters program, Keys donated several new instruments to the school that taught her everything.

Before dropping in on a school-wide assembly, the 'Fallin'' singer told reporters and staff that her old stomping grounds were unfortunately underfunded and over capacity and that a donation would certainly help relieve a bit of the lack of resources.

"I believe the smallest movement creates a world of change," Keys told the audience before turning in a great performance for the students. She also spoke of her foundation Keep a Child Alive, which provides care and medicine to children with or affected by AIDS in Africa and India. By working with the World of Betters program, the singer is able to raise $1,000 at a time in order to help someone in need.

Also supporting the Betters program are rapper K'Naan and Indian singer Sunidhi Chauhan. By submitting a video to Western Union, fans can also be a part of the campaign. Describe an idea on how to change the world and there could be a monetary award to make it happen. Click over to Western Union to share how the video. The contest runs for six weeks with the best ideas being picked by online voters.

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