Alicia Keys is prepping new material for her fifth studio album, currently untitled. The New York native, who's kept out of the spotlight in the last few months besides appearing at fashion shows with her husband Swizz Beatz and keeping in touch with fans via her Twitter account, performed a new song, titled "Not Even a King," Thursday night (April 26).

Seated at a piano for MTV Upfront, an event held at New York City's Beacon Theatre to showcase the network's 2012 summer television lineup, the mother of son Egypt glided her fingers over the ivory keys as she belted out her emotive lyrics. Keys sings of a love that can't be bought even by a royal power.

"I don't care what they bring, they can have everything/ They can't afford what we got, not even a king," she sang.

Watch the R&B chanteuse perform "Not Even a King" below.

Watch Alicia Keys Perform "Not Even a King"

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