Alicia Keys and Swizz BeatzA 5-months pregnant Alicia Keys and expectant father Swizz Beatz recently traveled to South Africa, where the Grammy-winning singer headlined the World Cup opening concert in Soweto.

Following their kick-off performance, Keys and her producer fiance took a trip to the South African coastal city of Durban, where they had their unborn child blessed in a traditional Zulu ceremony.

Adorned in tribal beads, Keys and her baby were given Zulu names by two female priests, singing under a fig "healing tree." Keys was then instructed to do a tribal dance, accompanied by drums, as Swizz held her hand, and helped her to sit on the ground when she needed to rest. Finally, Keys was embraced by a group of children from the town, who she has helped with her charity work. Both the singer's mother and brother were among those gathered to watch the ceremony.

Keys and Swizz have not yet announced the due date for their baby. They are expected to be married later this year.

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