'The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete' starring Jennifer Hudson is also executive produced by Alicia Keys. The inspiring flick is accompanied by an inspiring single by Keys herself, entitled 'Better Me, Better You.'

The song has the minor key violins and the marching drum patterns to evoke emotion. But as moody as the instrumentals are, Keys sounds pretty optimistic. Her voice is convicting while her lyrics carry a sense of hope despite the inner emotional stress expressed in the first verse.

"You’re gonna make it / You’ve come to far to lose it," she sings. "Gotta stay focused / And find a better me."

There's really nowhere to go but up for Pete, who's played by Ethan Dizon. Pete has to go through a rough summer running from child protective services and dealing with struggles of the Brooklyn housing projects when his drug-addicted mother --  played by Hudson -- is apprehended by police.

'The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete' premiered in select theaters today (Oct. 11).

Listen to Alicia Keys' 'Better Me, Better You'