A pregnant Alicia Keys -- who hasn't seemed to slow down much as her belly continues to grow -- took a tumble during her performance at the Essence Music Festival on Saturday night. Thanks to YouTube, the R&B diva joins the list of celebs (Beyonce, Drake, Dizzee Rascal, Kelsey Grammer) who have a fall on public record. Keys was in the middle of 'Love Is Blind' off her latest album 'The Element of Freedom' when she stumbled backward and fell on her backside. However, the singer didn't skip a beat, got up and sat at the piano. Keys made it through her set without another noticeable flub and according to the blogosphere, the singer and her unborn child are doing fine.

Last week, Keys made Prince, along with the millions watching at home, raise an eyebrow and lean toward the edge of his seat when she climbed on top of the piano during her performance of the Purple One's hit 'Adore.'

Check out the footage of Key's performance -- and fall -- after the jump.

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