"Anyone who wants to be a singer, [use] Gummi bears," Alicia Keys tells The BoomBox of the secret weapon she relies on to ameliorate her voice. The 30-year-old New York native, whose sultry lyrics touched listeners' ears in June as she celebrated the 10th anniversary of her seminal album, 'Songs in A Minor,' with an intimate performance at Manhattan's Beacon Theatre, invited AOL Sessions into her dressing room and prayer circle before the main event to give some insight on what she does to prepare for a one-woman show.

The mother of Egypt and wife of Swizz Beatz wore a smile from mid-day and well into midnight post-show, a sign that the joy she exudes in music videos and throughout her songs is not a sham. Alicia Keys is the poster child for endless happiness, just listen to the way she laughs.

More than just her loyal supporters -- she dubs them "fam" -- feel her positive energy; those that keep her business ship running do, too. From DJ Walton, Director of Operations at AK Worldwide, Inc. -- the 'Butterflyz' songstress' company -- to Erika Rose, who serves as its president, to Eli Ward, her production manager, they've each witnessed Alicia's growth during the last decade and have been touched by her artistry from both a personal and professional standpoint.

Diana Levine for AOL

Before the curly-haired entertainer took the stage to tickle the ivories on a hand-painted piano that day, she grabbed the hands of her wholly committed team to thank the man above for his blessings.

"We're so grateful for this gift that you've given us and it's only because of all the hands that bind together right now and all the people that work together that we're allowed to do this gift, and allowed to serve your message," Alicia continued with her head bent, "which is to continue to inspire, to continue to spread love, to continue to do this through music, and through our word, through our every day actions."

Check out a behind-the-scenes look as Alicia Keys rehearses, members of her team spill some tidbits about her work ethic and she opens up about being a lioness.

Watch Alicia Keys Behind the AOL Sessions

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