Well, T.I. was back for all about ten minutes before Alfamega tried to go in and resume the nasty beef that has been occurring between the two MCs over the past year or so. Alfa, real name Cedric Zellars, was once a close member of T.I.'s entourage and a part of the rapper's Grand Hustle empire. He was harshly banished from the label last summer after being accused -- and essentially proven -- of being a snitch. That's not so good for someone trying to claim any sort of authenticity in the hip-hop world.

Of course, Alfamega has little to no shame, and wasted no time trying to knock the freed Tip on a new track called 'Greenlight.'

"A lil something to let the 'Queen' know the muscle ain't shook," he raps. "If you try to respond, you gone get your crown took." The "muscle" reference seems to bring back Alfa's former role as the "Grand Hustle Muscle" before being shamed. He continues, "N----, you ain't hard/ Your persona is so fraud/ And the day you crossed me/ Proved you ain't that smart."

Once again, it's not the greatest idea to be questioning the hardness of others when documents have leaked that prove you cooperated with law enforcement officials and named names. Will T.I. respond? Most likely not. He has an epic comeback album slated for August 24.

Head over to Hip-Hop Wired to stream 'Greenlight' in full.