Alex Da Kid's hard work was recognized during the Grammy nominations ceremony Wednesday (Dec. 1), snagging the 27-year-old several nods. As the man behind some of the year's biggest singles -- Eminem and Rihanna's 'Love the Way You Lie' and B.o.B's 'Airplanes' -- the London-based producer expressed his excitement about possibly filling up his trophy case.

"It's pretty cool, being my first time out," Alex told The BoomBox. "I'm overwhelmed. Watching the Grammys growing up, you really wanna be there especially if you love music." Among his nominations are the top two Grammy accolades -- Record of the Year and Album of the Year -- for his production contributions to the Em and Rihanna duet. "I'm a confident person, " Alex continues. "I always believe in what I'm doing. I just knew that given the right opportunity I could really do something different and people would like it hopefully, and that's how all of this happened."

Crediting his bi-racial background for his musical diversity, Alex, who obtained a bachelors degree in audio technology from London's Thames Valley University, has gone on to work with some of music's biggest names. He recently said another project from him and Em would drop before the year's end. Despite his success, Alex still wants more. "I watched a Bruce Springsteen box set DVD the other day and he said 'I never wanted to be rich, famous, or happy, all I wanted to be great.' That really resonated with me. I just want to make history and be as great as I possibly can. I feel like we're doing it this year and I wanna take it to the next level next year."

The 53rd annual Grammy Awards air live Feb. 13 live CBS at 8:00PM EST.

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