A huge congratulations goes out to the students of Dothan City Schools in Alabama for breaking a Guinness World Record on Wednesday (Nov. 19).

According to the Dothan Eagle, about 2,000 students participated in the world's largest hip-hop dance performance, dancing to songs like the Buckwheat Boyz's 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time.' The Alabama kids broke a previous record set in Japan, where 1,000 dancers performed.

The dance routine -- involving claps, bopping to the beat and whole lot of hand motions -- took eight weeks for the students to learn. Right before launching into their steps, they got a pep talk from famed actor and dancer Ben Vereen, who encouraged them to keep participating in the arts.

"Everything you do is an art form, because you are the art that you create," he said. "Create your life, babies."

Jose Brooks, a local dance instructor, said he was thrilled at what the students were able to accomplish. "The event was heartfelt, inspiring, encouraging--everything epic," he stated.

Even the superintendent of Dothan City Schools said he wished that he would have done something similar when he was younger, but once he started playing sports, his interest in the arts took a back seat. "Football and baseball players didn't dance and sing," he said.

Grab some PB&J and watch the students two-step above.

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