Update 6/06/07: Police identify thrown concertgoer

Akon's got crazy stage etiquette. First he dirty dances with a 15-year-old girl during a show and now he's caught on tape tossing a fan into the crowd.

After an audience member throws something onto the stage, Akon asks his security guards to bring the kid to him. As Akon is waiting he says, "You made a big mistake today, boy."

Akon takes off his necklaces and tank top as if he's about to brawl and lifts the fan on stage like a rag doll. Then he picks him up over his head and throws him back into the crowd Hulk Hogan style. I can't tell if the kid thought it was funny or traumatized for life. It could be the coolest thing that ever happened to him or grounds for a lawsuit. You decide.

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