Akon is strapping on his legal boots. The Senegalese singer has filed suit against his former booking reps American Talent Agency for more than $750,000, claiming that they withheld several hundreds of thousands of money accrued from performance fees. The suit, filed yesterday in New York, is targeting ATA for unjust enrichment, breach of contract and trademark infringement.

The discord began after Akon became dissatisfied with ATA for holding onto money earned from performances and booking unapproved appearances. Last September, he severed ties with ATA, but the company allegedly kept booking him in locations including Nigeria and Dubai even after he told them to stop using his name and image. ATA continued to swindle promoters by holding onto deposits even after the events were canceled, and continues to "falsely advertise itself as Akon's booking agent on the ATA website."

Akon's concert troubles have been long documented. Back in August 2010, he was slapped with a $250,000 lawsuit after bailing on a performance in Belgium in October 2009, which he canceled because of "scheduling conflicts." He is currently working on his upcoming album 'Stadium,' a club-geared LP influenced by Euro-pop.

Watch Akon's 'Oh Africa'
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