Rapper-producer Akon is riding huge this week, with his 'Konvicted' album entering the charts at No. 2. The burgeoning superstar says he'll be aiming even higher next year.

At the American Music Awards, Akon, who's worked with everybody from Gwen Stefani to the Fugees, said Michael Jackson is next on his wish list. "My goal for 2007 is to complete something on Michael Jackson," he said. "That's the goal. We're almost there," he added, laughing.

The Senegal native has similar aspirations for 'Illegal Alien,' the film he plans to do based on his life story. Akon said he dreams of working with John Singleton or Steven Spielberg, but he has "Plan B, Plan C and D, all the way to Z. Even if I have to direct it myself, it's going to happen."

One thing he won't do is act in the movie. He's got somebody else in mind for that. "I'm casting for Mekhi Phifer to play me in the movie. I think he'd be perfect. He looks like a cousin or something," he said.