Producer/singer Akon is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, dubbed 'Acquitted,' which the singer has announced will hit stores in May. And after lending his vocals to Michael Jackson's reworked 'Wanna Be Startin Something 2008,' featured on the 25th anniversary edition of 'Thriller,' Akon tapped the King of Pop for his new album, according to MTV.

"It's a worldwide record," Akon told MTV. "The record is so huge. It's too big. [Michael's] the only person I could have collaborated with. The other [songs] on the album are huge, though."

Yet the singer's not done yet. Akon has already prepping the follow-up to 'Acquitted.' "My fourth album is called 'Double Jeopardy,'" he revealed to MTV. "I'm already on it. It's all set up. If they want all the records now, it would take me 30 days to put it together."