Akon's April concert in Sri Lanka has been postponed indefinitely due to the violent objection from locals. Earlier this week, nearly 200 protesters threw stones outside the Maharaja Organization media headquarters to make it clear that the Senegalese singer and producer was not welcomed on their soil. Akon's visa into the county was later denied due to the uproar.

Akon's intended appearance triggered uproar in the predominantly Buddhist country because of his video 'Sexy Chick' with David Guetta, which features women dancing provocatively in front of a statue of the sacred Buddha. Akon issued a statement to AllHipHop on Wednesday (March 24), explaining that the video was never meant to offend anyone. "I was not aware that the statue was even on the set of the video until now. I would never set out to offend or desecrate anyone's religion or religious beliefs," Akon said. "I myself am a spiritual man, so I can understand why they are offended, but violence is never the answers and I am disheartened to hear about what happened yesterday in Sri Lanka."

A representative for Akon's Paradigm Talent Agency confirmed that the concert has been postponed until safety can be guaranteed. "Due to the recent events that transpired yesterday in Sri Lanka, we decided to postpone Akon's upcoming show," a rep said. "We are working diligently with the local promoters to ensure the safety of both our talent and the fans before committing to a new date. Akon is looking forward to performing for the people of Sri Lanka and we hope to have this situation resolved in the coming weeks."

Akon was scheduled to perform in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo on April 20.