Akon has once again been banned from performing overseas, and this time it's at the upcoming Summerbeatz 2010 concert at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia. Akon was just recently added to the line-up but was swiftly taken off, after the venue's management, Melbourne and Olympics Parks Trust, refused to let him perform.

Although they maintain that Akon was removed due to being a late edition on the roster, promoter Dwayne Cross begs to differ. According to Cross, the Konvict Muzik labelhead is being blacklisted following a performance last year at nearby Hisense Arena, when he jumped into the crowd to break up a fight. "It's with great regret that we announce that Akon will not be performing in Melbourne on the Summerbeatz 2010 Tour," Cross announced in a statement. The promoter goes on to say that he is "extremely disappointed that Melbourne misses out on seeing such an amazing and popular performer, however, this situation is completely out of our hands."

Ciara will replace Akon for the Nov. 25 appearance. The tour which features performances from Soulja Boy, Jay Sean and Flo Ride begins Nov. 19 in Brisbane, Australia before rapping up Nov. 25 in Melbourne.

No stranger to controversy, Akon has previously been banned from performing in Sri Lanka amid protest over an appearance in a music video in which he danced with a bikini-clad woman near a Buddha statue.

His fourth album, 'Stadium,' will be released on Nov. 23.

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