Thursday's Grammy nominations were good to Akon, who, in addition to announcing nominees racked up four nods for himself. "I wasn't surprised by the nomination," he told PopEater. "I was surprised by four nominations. I was like, 'Yo, if I get one I'm good.' To have four is crazy."

As if the impressive number of nominations weren't enough of a thrill. Akon also got the one he most wanted. "Best R&B Album -- that's the one I prayed for," he said. "And I was just happy to be nominated. That just shows how far you've really come. Everything that you've done -- anything that you've accomplished -- has now been manifested with people recognizing your true talent. I always thought I was talented, but no one ever feels the way you feel. Everyone thinks they're the best, so this is huge."

Of his fellow nominees, Akon was particularly excited for Amy Winehouse. "I was surprised to see how big of a night it's going to be for Amy Winehouse," he said. "She's definitely one of them artists where I saw myself in [her]. We got brand-new music, brand-new sound, [and] it's taken a minute for people to understand it."