The world is going crazy for a particularly wild new colorway of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350. The sneakers aren't an official version of Kanye West's kicks but rather a custom job. That doesn’t mean that the new Beluga look doesn't get the fire flame emoji treatment.

Red Star Cobbler, a shoe repair company in Chicago, are to thank for the bang-up paint job. The pair was commissioned by Instagram user @garbmadness to repair his damaged Turtle Dove sneakers. They turned out pretty dope if you ask us.

If you check out @redstarcobbler on Instagram, you’ll see several more pairs of the clean customs, which are equally as dope and just as worthy of attention. For now, lets focus on just how amazing these Yeezy Boost 350s look.

If you’re trying to get that work, you can hit up Red Star Cobbler via Facebook or contact them through the information on their Instagram page. Go ahead folks, give that damaged pair of sneakers new life today.

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