Adele is enjoying a triumphant return after releasing "Hello," her first single in three years.

The 21 creator broke the Vevo record for most single-day views with 27.7 million. The title of most views in a 24-hour period for a video was previously held by Taylor Swift for her celebrity-filled "Bad Blood" video featuring Kendrick Lamar. The "Someone Like You" singer's video also moved Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" to third place.

Since its release, the Mack Wilds-featured video has gained over 100 million views. And it seems the "Chasing Pavements" singer had some fun shooting the video as well. "I had to cry and everything. You know what, I feel like a bit of a c--- after saying for all these years I'd never act, because I really enjoyed it," Adele said in an interview with i-D.

But the 19 creator, who reveals her new song isn't about "anyone specifically," explained why it wasn't likely that she would write about heartbreak for her forthcoming album, 25. "I was very conscious not to make 21 again. I definitely wasn't going to write a heartbreak record 'cause I'm not heartbroken, but I probably won't be able to better the one I did, so what's the point? Bit cliché, innit?" she shared. "Also, how I felt when I wrote 21, it ain't worth feeling like that again."

"I was very sad and very lonely. Regardless of being a mom or a girlfriend, I didn't want to feel like that again," she explained. "So Hello is about wanting to be at home and wanting to reach out to everyone I've ever hurt -- including myself -- and apologize for it."

Next month, Adele will hit the Saturday Night Live stage on Nov. 21, just a day after 25 drops, to perform "Hello" -- and if we're lucky, a new track.

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