Action Bronson is not one to mince words, even when it comes to his critics. The rapper recently responded to fan feedback on his 'Easy Rider' music video and it is, as expected, hilarious.

After getting high, Bronson peeps the comments on his YouTube video, both compliments and words from his haters. "yo action…this sh-t is garbage u trying to hard to do dumb sh-t to be wreckognized," blasted one fan. "I don't think it's garbage at all. I work very hard, and that's hurtful ..." the rapper responds. "The time of the fat white dude is now" lauded another fan, to which Bronson corrects, "When I pop up with an 18-pack and I have shreds out of my shirt, I don't want to hear nothing."

He then tells us to play his video during everything from gang meetings to while having sex and in biker bars. "I'm Action Bronson. I love everybody and I approve this, fully."