Unlike the real Allen Iverson, Action Bronson is still very much in the game. The release of 'Blue Chips 2' is fast approaching and 'Practice,' a leak from the Party Supplies-produced project, hit the Internet.

Thanks to Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg debuting the track Sunday night (Oct. 27) on his 'Real Late' radio show. 'Practice' builds off Iverson's infamous 'Practice' rant, which stems from criticism surrounding his failure to attend the Philadelphia 76ers' practices.

Bronson goes in on the triumphant horns of the beat with a lackadaisical nature. The Flushing, N.Y., rapper name-checks wrestler Rey Mysterio, Jr., former basketball player Jalen Rose and Dog the Bounty Hunter as he lets loose another set of high-stepping rhymes. It's nothing really new for Bronson, who talks trash and gives himself props over a soulful instrumental. Why change the formula if it still works?

We may very well get more of the same when 'Blue Chips 2' finally drops. The sequel to one of last year's most acclaimed albums hits the web on Nov. 1.

Listen to Action Bronson's 'Practice'