Action Bronson leaves behind the overtly illegal activity of the '9-24-13'-themed 'Blue Chips 2' trailer and gets unplugged for the visual to 'Amadu Diablo.' The Queens, N.Y., rapper and producer Party Supplies put on an old school MTV Unplugged performance that's more Jay Z than Lauryn Hill.

After fiddling around with Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car,' Bronson adopts a more conversationalist approach to perform 'Amadu Diablo,' pausing along the way to take pulls of a joint. Party Supplies does his best 'Give Me One Reason' with his acoustic guitar.

The rapper's quips are met with warm applause and laughs from the audience -- all pre-recorded of course.

The video ends as Action Bronson and Party Supplies jokingly play along to Tom Petty's 'Free Fallin." Good times, but would it have been legendary if they'd covered Phil Collins' 'Sussudio?' Maybe. After all, they did sample the track on 'Contemporary Man,' another cut off the colorful 'Blue Chips 2.'