If you thought Ruff Ryders were the only folks who could make hip-hop that bikers could ride out to then you're mistaken.

After dropping critically-acclaimed mixtapes, indie projects and EPs it's finally come time for Action Bronson to drop a proper major label debut album on Vice/Atlantic. During his Real Late show (Jul. 3) on NY's Hot 97 disc jock Peter Rosenberg gave listener's a sample of what's in store with the premiere of Action's new song 'Easy Rider.'

An intense electric guitar sample that sounds like it was lifted from some late '60s early '70s prog rock record combined with Bronson's trademark non-sequiturs evoke images of leather and denim-clad bikers on Harley-Davidson motorcycles riding off into a desert sunset on some type of vision quest fueled by psychotropic drugs. Trippy? Yeah but what would an Action Bronson song be without disses like "I heard your bitch still wear Ecko" and his off-color humor? Throw in some Lil' Fame vocal samples for good measure and you've recipe for yet another signature dish from the rappin' chef's cookbook. Bon appetit.

Listen to Action Bronson's 'Easy Rider'