Last night, Action Bronson and Big K.R.I.T. sold out the Middle East in Boston and delivered one of the most concise yet high-energy shows the venue has seen. The show only featured two opening acts, local buzzmakers Natural and Dutch Rebelle, before moving swiftly into Bronson's rambunctious set. To illustrate how smoothly this show ran, Natural, the first opener, took the stage at 9:30. Approximately one hour later, Bronson was on stage tearing it down. For a hip-hop show, that type of adherence to the schedule is unheard of.

Bronson entertained the crowd by doing a jig with the security guard and even leaving the stage for a moment to perform from the ramp that leads into the audience (he did not jump into the crowd fully). He performed from his full arsenal of songs, opening with choice selections from his recent 'Saab Stories' release such as 'No Time' and 'Strictly 4 My Jeeps.' He then went deeper into the catalog, performing favorites such as "The Symbol' and 'Pouches Of Tuna.' He also brought out Meyhem Lauren, who performed songs off of 'Respect The Fly S--t' and 'Mandatory Brunch Meetings.'

The moment that last night will be remembered for most came after Bronson had finished performing 'Pouches Of Tuna' and the instrumental for 'Steve Wynn' had just kicked in when a fan decided to jump on stage next to the Queens native. Wrong move. As soon as Bronson saw the fan out of the corner of his eye, Bronson immediately dropped him with a body slam that had the crowd reacting like they were at a WWE taping and not a rap show. Action then started to drag the fan off the stage before security stepped in and finished the deal. The most incredible part of the moment was that Bronson managed to go right back into performance mode, rocking 'Steve Wynn' as if nothing had happened. It was a breath-taking incident that happened incredibly quickly in real time but one that has gone viral less than twelve hours later.

Big K.R.I.T. was the last one to take the stage, and he had the crowd "turnt up" from the jump. K.R.I.T. had the audience clapping jumping right with him as he performed songs from his extensive catalog of mixtapes, including "Sookie Now" and "King Without A Crown." Reflecting on his label struggles in between songs, K.R.I.T performed songs off the 'Live From The Underground' such as 'I Got This Here' and 'Money On The Floor.' The crowd didn't seem to care that the solo album wasn't as critically well-received as the mixtapes have been. It was a younger audience not content with merely standing in front of the rappers stone-faced, regardless of how hot and cramped the Middle East was. K.R.I.T. might not have had any of Bronson's antics (and nobody was going to be foolish enough to try to get on stage again), but the Mississippi native's music is perfect for live performances such as this, and his crowd presence is captivating.

A rap show is at its best when one is able to leave before 1 AM drenched in sweat from a wild night. This show ended before 12:15. It's kind of a shame that the show will forever be remembered for a drunken idiot who decided he wanted some unrequited stage time.