Throwing a temper tantrum backstage at ABC's 'Good Morning America' might end up leading to Chris Brown's reunion with Rihanna.

According to sources close to the network, host Robin Roberts and the morning news show are allegedly orchestrating a reunion between the troubled singer and his ex-girlfriend after revealing that they would gladly welcome Breezy back to the show, with plans to reunite the former couple two years after their publicized domestic violence incident.

Insiders at ABC News claim that 'GMA' plans to "milk this event for everything it's worth," and that the televised meeting between the pop stars would be moderated by Roberts. While E! News has hinted that his angry outburst last week could lead to a reality series, the source claims that "what's far more likely is orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time."

Following the 2009 clash where Brown attacked the Bajan superstar on the way to the Grammy Awards, Rihanna was granted a restraining order against the singer where he would have to stay 50 yards away from her over the next five years. The order was lifted last month after Brown made a movement to drop the ruling because it could be a "problem with award shows," a request to which Ri acquiesced.

The pair are yet to appear at together at a public event.

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