Following Jay Rock's ferocious 'Numbers on the Boards' freestyle yesterday, Ab-Soul brings us the second TDE offering in as many days with an all-new track, 'Dub Sac.'

With the woozy production of in-house beatsmiths Tae Beast and Dave Free blasting out of the speakers, Solo remembers holding a "dub sack in my bucket" while "rolling around like f--- it," but these days it's more like "an OZ in this Benzo." Despite being one of the most intriguing minds to touch the mic, the self-proclaimed Black Lip Bastard knows how to get ig'nant.

Ab-Soul recently told Montreality that his new project is finished and in the mixing stages, but no word on whether 'Dub Sac' will make the cut.

Listen to Ab-Soul's 'Dub Sac'