A$AP Ferg addressed the controversy surrounding white hip-hop fans rapping along to the N-word in his songs. Last month, a video of students at Brentwood School in Brentwood, CA. rapping along to Ferg's "Dump Dump" sparked concern and outrage.

The song's hook: "I f---ed your bitch, n----, I f---ed your bitch/I f---ed your bitch, n----, I f---ed your bitch/She sucked my d---, n----, she sucked my d---, She sucked my d---, n----, she sucked my d---!"

The video even led to retired baseball legend Barry Bonds criticizing it and an investigation. Ferg spoke about the situation in a recent interview with HipHopDX, addressing what can be done about white fans and that word in rap music.

"There’s no way I could monitor that," Ferg says. "Hip-hop is doing all of this for me, you know what I’m saying? I’m just doing what I love to do, I’m telling the dudes what I’ve experienced and the lifestyle. You can’t control--you want to be at peace. I’m just telling my life story. I’m just trying to tell the truth."

Ferg said this phenomenon is bigger than him and goes back way farther than his music and career.

"I see white kids screaming that all the time," he explains. "I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but I’m saying it’s been like that for so long in the history of hip-hop. From Run-DMC's time until now. The majority of fans that come to my shows is white. All hip-hop artists know that. I do feel that those who are more sensitive to it, I do feel where they’re coming from, at the same time, ‘cause me--I’m just an artist. I’m just projecting my reality. What people perceive of it or whatever the case may be, I think--you know, that’s just where we living."


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