50 Cent is known as much for his "beef" with other rappers as he is for his musical accomplishments, but as the Queen's native moves into a new career phase, he's leaving the drama behind. For the past few years, 50 has found himself on the receiving end of hate from rappers Rick Ross and Game, just to name a few. At first, he felt it necessary to respond but these days he says he could care less. Despite the fact that Game called a public truce with 50, he has no interest in throwing up the white flag.

"If you never had an issue with a person and they address you as if they hate you, and if you haven't done anything to inspire that, you can't assume that you can resolve it," 50 told The BoomBox. "That's just generally the way that I deal with people."

According to 50, Game and Rick Ross are just two of the many rappers he believes that use his name to stir up controversy so they can get publicity. "If you just came out of nowhere, then I'mma assume that I can't fix that with a conversation, or that that's who you are," 50 adds on the topic. "I'm fine with not paying them any attention at that point."

All this comes with a bit of irony. For starters, late last year, at about the same time 50 was prepping the release of his album 'Before I Self Destruct', the rapper went after Jay-Z, accompanying Beanie Sigel on the diss track 'I Go Off' and calling Jay a "Pass the Grey Poupon a-- n----." Jay-Z never responded.

The epic disagreement between Ross and 50 transcended music and stepped into very personal territory. As previously reported, 50 took Ross' ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp on a shopping spree, helped her publish a tell-all book about the Miami native, and even posed for pictures with his family members.

But now that's 50's done throwing jabs at both Ross and Game (and assumingly Jay-Z), the 34-year-old believes that the two have resorted to copying his career. "Now, when I have nothing to say, you see no momentum. You see them trying to repeat what they see me do." The rapper then took a personal jab at the Game, noting the recent collaborations on Game's forthcoming 'The R.E.D. Album.' "Maybe the formula is to go get a record with Justin Timberlake, like 'A.O. Technology,' or to try and do a song with Robin Thicke," 50 pointed out. "It's almost like they're trying to recreate the 'Curtis' album."

Game has vowed to stop dissing 50, even claiming that the late Michael Jackson attempted to officiate a truce between the two. Chances are that 50 won't be making any apologies anytime soon.