50 Cent's beefing up his roster of talent and he's tapped the likes of songstress Lea to pave the way for the ladies on his G-Note Records imprint.

The Queens native, who first appeared on the music scene assisting Lil' Flip with his single, 'Sunshine,' back in 2004, is currently crafting her debut effort under Fif's tutelage. During breaks from hitting the studio, she made a cameo in rapper Hot Rod's 'Hot Girl' video -- he's also signed to G-Note -- but the downtime wasn't for long.

The songbird chose one of the powerhouse ballads she created to mark her comeback. Ken Lewis produced the song, titled 'November Skies (11/11/11),' which showcases the emotion she feels over reflecting on a love gone but not forgotten.

"The calendar says 11/11/11, it's been a year and a month and a day/ Since the October you flew away from me/ And I know I could've kept you around/ But I couldn't hold you down/ Instead I watched you rise/ In these November skies," she croons.

Lea's G-Note Records debut is tentatively scheduled for a 2012 release. The visuals for 'November Skies (11/11/11)' will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Listen to Lea's 'November Skies (11/11/11)'

Watch Lea in Hot Rod's 'Hot Girl'

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