During August 2010, G-Unit Records left its home at Interscope Records to solidify a new deal with EMI, and now, the latest brand expansion will see the New York City-based imprint moving into the international market. 50 Cent's homegrown label has inked a new deal with independent label PIAS Group.

Nikki Martin, Vice President of G-Unit Records & Entertainment, explained the new deal in a statement, saying, "Last year we took the decision to restructure the label and begin to carve out its own world-wide distribution, marketing and promotions strategy. After signing with EMI for North America we looked at who could help develop the brand in other key territories and we decided to partner with PIAS who shared our vision and passion for the music."

A new UK-based office is slated to open soon, which will handle marketing and distribution deals for G-Unit's international branch.

Fif, the company's CEO and a savvy business man, recently ventured into the market of audio equipment with the launch of his Sleek By 50 Cent Platinum Headphones. The rapper announced his new line at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last December. The headphones are in direct competition with Dr. Dre's popular Beats By Dre Headphones.

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