Cops are usually focused on the job, but when it comes to their favorite artists, they can easily slip into fan mode. Three Palm Beach, Fla., police officers did just that when 50 Cent rolled into town.

The G-Unit boss was at the county courthouse appealing an arbitrator's decision that he had to pay Sleek Audio $16 million in a civil court case. As 50 walked through the courthouse, throngs of people approached him asking to take photos, which was caught on camera by The Palm Beach Post.

Towards the end of the footage, two female police officers -- deputies Pamela Gibbs and Yvane Moreland -- walk on either side of the rapper. One puts her arm around his waist while the other has her hand on his back. Both women are smiling and laughing along with Fif during their stroll down the hallway. As a result, the cops received “verbal counseling” for behavior described as “unprofessional."

Another officer, Sgt. Craig Laufer apparently put himself in a position to obtain a photograph with the 'Before I Self Destruct' creator, which caused him to be reprimanded as well.

"All parties involved placed themselves in a position of disadvantage by taking on a laize-faire attitude, due to Mr. Jackson's singing background," wrote the officer's supervisor in a report. "Thus neglecting their assigned duties to their position. It should be noted all deputies involved were in their class 'B' uniform, thus giving a poor perspective and lack of neutrality on behalf of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office."

Singing background? Looks like someone needs to bring the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office up to speed on 50 Cent's career as a rapper.