50 cent50 Cent and his entourage are making headlines again after one of the rapper's bodyguards was arrested in Copenhagen, Denmark for assaulting a group of photographers over the weekend.

According to RadarOnline, the attack took place while members of the Danish press were gathered outside the Skt Petri Hotel in Copenhagen waiting to catch a shot of the Queens rapper before a concert. One of the cameramen on the scene filmed a video of the scuffle, as the unnamed bodyguard put a photographer in a chokehold and even deleted photos off of one camera. Nikoloj Vraa, editor-in-chief of the MSN Star Lounge, told Radar that he was one of the victims of the unprovoked attack. "I feared for my life," Vraa said. "One of 50 Cent's bodyguards came out and told us to leave. The next thing I knew, he grabs my throat and tried to strangle me. He cut off my airway, and I couldn't breath. He took my camera and deleted photos."

Vraa and the other victims were rushed to hospital for treatment following the incident. "Hotel security came out and told us to call the police and that is what we did," Vraa said. "I think the bodyguard attacked at least two other people. The bodyguard was arrested and I was told by the police that he was going to be charged with assault, threats and robbery."

According to Vraar, the bodyguard had prefaced the brutal attack by explaining to the photogs that he would be exempt from prosecution in Denmark. "Earlier in the day this bodyguard told us that 'Danish law doesn't apply to us here because we are Americans," he said. Danish police officials have declined to release the name of the bodyguard, but have confirmed that he is a member of 50 Cent's entourage. Check out footage of the attack after the jump.