As quickly as he took over Twitter, 50 Cent has fallen back, retreating from the popular social networking site to work on his forthcoming album.

"Ok ladies and [gentlemen] I'm writing my new album. I will not be on twitter again till Sept 6," 50 tweeted on Wednesday, September 1. "This album will be a classic," the G-Unit boss said of his highly-anticipated fifth album, 'The Return of the Heartless Monster,' whose title he also revealed via Twitter.

However, 50 still chimed in another three times, weighing in on T.I. and Tiny's arrest for drug possession yesterday -- "Man TI and tiny done got picked up agin for methamphetmines and ecstacy dam man. ... Tiny gotta take that charge. Say it was yours Baby" -- and then sent out this presumed final message.

50's absence will mean the loss of such classic tweets as "I just looked at Kanye page what the f--- kind a spaced out tweets are those. f--- that I aint never looking at that s--- again," 50 accusing celebutante Paris Hilton of being a habitual cocaine user, and joking that "Obamas ratings are down cause he didn't include pimpin and hoein in stimulus package. Good hoes would boost male moral and fix the recession."

'The Return of the Heartless Monster' should see release in the near future. We'll be surprised if 50 can actually hold off on his Twitter account til September 6, though.