You could call 50 Cent busy. The rapper recently released his first book 'The 50th Law,' is promoting the new film 'Dead Man Running' and is about to unleash his fourth studio album 'Before I Self Destruct,' yet he still has time to tour in support of his ... new cologne.

50's scent (sorry, had to) will be called Power by 50 Cent and will be available this season at Macy's stores exclusively.

The fragrance is said to boast a "hint of lemon leaves, black pepper and artemisia, a heart of dark wood, coriander and nutmeg and base notes full of patchouli, musk and oak moss." We're not entirely sure why anyone would want to smell like patchouli, musk or moss, but it's better than what we had expected; vitamin water soaked hundred dollar bills.

50 claims that the cologne bottle's design was inspired by his favorite watch, Piguet, and will feature dark glass, with a silver metal stopper.

The Queens rapper/writer/actor will be appearing in person to sign autographs and promote Power by 50 Cent at five Macy's locations across the country, namely New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and L.A.

50's 'Before I Self Destruct' will be in stores November 23.