50 Cent loves to throw lyrical jabs at his enemies, with his latest target none other than Sean 'Diddy' Combs. Fif, who has been throwing shots at the Bad Boy mogul for the past few weeks, recently took the stage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to continue his smear campaign against the emcee during his performance.

"Hello, good morning ..." 50 jested to the crowd, referencing the refrain from the Diddy single of the same name. "Well the next time you see Puffy, you tell him I said, 'N----, don't at like a bitch!'," the rapper continued before launching into a remix of E-40's 'Bitch.'

Their beef was originally hatched in 2006 when 50 accused Diddy for knowing who killed Notorious B.I.G. on the mixtape cut 'Hip Hop.' It was revived after Diddy went public with his business ties to rappers Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross, with whom 50 previously sparred. During an interview in June, 50 stated that Diddy was 'not an artist' and later called him out during a concert at Boston's House of Blues, stating, 'F--- that n----, tell him I said that s---!"

Diddy spoke on camera during the BET post awards show, throwing subliminals at 50 and calling him a 'hatin' a-- crab.' 50 responded by calling him a 'hot bitch' during an interview in July, later issuing a viral petition against Combs by asking fans to stop Diddy from using Biggie to fatten his wallet.

Diddy is yet to respond to the recent attacks, but 50 doesn't appear to be letting the beef simmer anytime soon. Each artist is prepping the release of their next albums: Diddy and his group Dirty Money will drop 'Last Train to Paris' this fall, while 50 plans to unleash his Euro-influenced album 'Black Magic' later this year.