50 Cent and Fabolous

Earlier this month, Brooklyn rapper Fabolous found himself in hot water over comments he made about Queens rapper 50 Cent via Twitter.

"It's interesting to see 50 Cent unite with NY artists when he's one of the reasons NY hip-hop became so isolated & crumbled," Fab tweeted after 50's "unifying" Governor's Island concert, where he brought together Dip Set, The Lox, Maino and many other NY acts.

"Reading what Fab said about me on Twitter was disappointing," 50 responded via a post on his website, Thisis50.com.

Both sides have been silent since then, but 50 Cent now claims that there's no problem between them.

"Yeah, we're cool," 50 told MTV on the set of his "Baby by Me" video shoot. "Fab particularly is an artist I've interacted with twice. He's [opened] two international runs [for G-Unit] ... He reached out to tell me he didn't mean it in that derogatory way," 50 confirmed.

"People misinterpret what you type in the text," 50 explained. "I've misinterpreted what people were trying to send to me, sending me messages before, as well. Before we utilize devices we use to communicate with each other intimately on Twitter and other Web sites, you can forget you're making a public statement. You can feel you're having barbershop talk or just saying your personal take on something, and it's a public statement and people start to resent you for it."

As for the fallout from their brief misunderstanding, according to 50, Fabolous didn't come out completely unscathed. "He kind of felt a little backlash on it," 50 said of Fab. "People responded negatively to it because they were like, 'Finally [these artists are performing together]' and he's going, 'Wasn't I a part of dividing New York City?' I wasn't a part of dividing New York City. New York City wasn't accepting me initially."

50 Cent's new album, 'Before I Self Destruct' drops November 23. Expect him to be all over the net until then.