While Ja Rule is prepping for his two-year stint in the clinker, his rap nemesis 50 Cent couldn't be happier. Just as word of Rule's sentence, stemming from a 2007 gun possession charge, hit the news circuit, 50 took to his Twitter page to lighten the mood with more than a few jokes about the incident.

"Damn da homie jah rule gotta do 2 years. Tell him I said don't worry I got him when he come home. Lol," 50 wrote on Monday (Dec. 12). "Yo word to my mother if anybody knock jah out and f--- him in jail its gonna be on. Lol. Yal know I'm crazy as f--- so don't mess with my little homie jah. Lol ... Jah came out the court room yelling who the f--- cancelled christmas. Lol ... Come on its only 721 days stop crying. Its only 104 weeks. Wipe ya nose sucka. Be a man!!!!! Lol"

Ja Rule jumped in with his own tweets. "@50cent N---- u P---- shut up before I smack u in yo mouth again lol!! The nerve of some n----s!!!" he wrote. Yo #dildofif why don't u tell your 3 mil followers how I whoop dat a-- TWICE so they can follow a real n---- ... lmao!!!"

Perhaps having a slight change of heart, 50 then explained the tweets, by taking a somewhat more serious approach to the 34-year-old's circumstances. "I don't wish jail on nobody stay strong you little punk. Lol. The tweets I wrote were funny till I thought about who's gonna take care his kids. We ain't gonna forget about you little man."

50 and Rule's beef dates back to over a decade, and clearly has no signs of slowing down -- at least on the side of the G-Unit frontman. Earlier this year, Rule noted his public battle with 50 as the beginning of his career downfall, which he hoped would one day be reinvigorated. "I feel like everybody deserves a second chance to do whatever," he told Vibe magazine. "Really, I feel that my situation was an unfair situation. A very unique, very odd situation. Nobody ever seen anything like that in Hip Hop, you know?"

As previously reported, Rule, born Jeffrey Atkins, pleaded guilty to gun possession charges, chopping what could have been a four-year prison sentence in half. Three years ago, the Queens, N.Y. native was pulled over in Manhattan, following a concert at the Beacon Theater. Authorities reportedly smelled marijuana coming from Rule's Mercedes Maybach; further search uncovered a loaded semiautomatic, for which he was subsequently charged.

"Minor setback for a major comeback," Rule wrote after coping the plea deal this morning. He will be officially sentenced in February.