50 Cent has been known to push a few singles to the top of the charts, but this time his rapping skills apparently saved someone from getting kicked off their label.

The Queen's MC claims he is the reason why singer Jeremih was spared from getting the ax from his record label, Def Jam. 50 jumped on the remix to Jeremih's single 'Down on Me,' propelling the track to No. 10 on the Billboard singles charts.

"They was counting Jeremih out completely. He was already gon' be dropped from Def Jam before ['Down on Me']," 50 revealed to Hot 97's Angie Martinez Monday (April 4). "He was definitely gonna be in a position where he was getting dropped because the first week sales was really low on the record."

Although some rappers have deeper reasoning behind why they choose certain collaborations over others, 50 revealed that he just likes Jeremih. "We did the song, I didn't care," he said. "I was just looking at him as an artist and I said he sounds good, and I thought he was a dope artist, so I said I'mma do it and we did the song, and then it took off."

"It made sense to me from an artist's perspective," Fif continued. "What I have now, the luxury of being in a secure space financially, is me having the ability to make decisions based on just the art."

While he continues to rack up a plethora of successful non-music business deals, 50's solo career appears to be at a standstill. His last album, the ill-received 'Before I Self Destruct,' failed to resonate with fans, selling far less than his previous releases.

Despite the success of the single, Jeremih's sophomore release, 'All About You,' has sold less than 100,000 copies since its debut in September 2010.

Watch Jeremih's 'Down on Me' Featuring 50 Cent
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