When Rick Ross mocked 50 Cent's rebuttal to his dis-record 'Mafia Music' I'm sure he didn't see this coming. In an interesting move 50 is making good on his promise to "f--- his life up for fun" by getting Ross' baby's mother involved. In a video posted on his website Tiallondra "Tia" Kemp, who is the mother of Ross' 2-year-old son, blasts Ross for being fake.

"His jewelry is rented possibly not real, his cars are being leased...He was a Corrections Officer," she states on the eight minute video. "I was cleaning the house [and] I happened to find hand cuffs and letters showing that he stepped down from the position. He denied it and his sister confirmed it...Right now I don't have a car I have to have someone to pick me up and take the kids to school."

Adding insult to injury, Kemp also shows a picture of Ross from her personal collection and calls him "the Nutty Professor." She is also seen driving around with 50 as he takes her shopping at different upscale boutiques. This public "beef" seems to be gaining more steam as 50 has launched a tirade against the Miami rapper. In response to 'Mafia Music,' 50 released his own dis-record and accompanying cartoon called "Officer Ricky." In it 50 plays an inmate who is being held captive by Ross.

The two have been going back and forth for about a week now as their album release dates steadily approach. No word yet on what Ross has to say about the recent video.