If there's one thing 50 Cent knows how to do (besides brutally destroying others' careers), it's diversifying his revenue streams. We can now add publishing to his resume of mainstream accomplishments, as his business book, 'The 50th Law,' has placed high on the New York Times best-sellers list.

Last week, the 304-page pseudo-philosophical text landed at No. 5 on the Times' "Advice, how-to and miscellaneous" list, which is a huge deal since these sorts of books keep the publishing industry afloat. '50th Law' was co-written with Robert Green -- the author of the immensely popular '48 Laws of Power.' The 48 laws have long been a favorite of entrepreneurs in the hip-hop community, so it made sense for 50 to do a little update.

'50th Law' finds the MC imploring readers to setup their own five-year plan for success. "I had an opportunity to pile up the information and talk to him [Green] about my experience overall and what I feel like I want to do for the future," 50 said in a video on his website in early September.

"I think it's important for you to develop a plan. In this actual book, I put down some of the concepts and ideas that I created. I expressed all my intimate thoughts with Robert so he could assess what I was doing without having technical terms to create a description of what my planning process was."

The book is still currently in the top-10 at a comfortable #8 in its second week. Congratulations to 50 Cent. May many others follow your laws to success. Let's just hope they are a tad bit nicer when they get there.