50 Cent may have proven his dedication to his self-funded film 'Things Fall Apart' by losing roughly 60 pounds for his role, but an outside production company hired for the movie claims that 50 wasn't as committed when it came to payments. Crispy Twig Productions and Nancy Nayor Battino filed a $200,000 lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the rapper for failing to honor an oral agreement to pay the company for their involvement in the film.

Crispy Twig claims that 50 had agreed to pay them $5,000 a week for 19 weeks for handling the film's casting, but now assert that the actor fell over $90,000 behind on payments and that they missed other lucrative opportunities as a consequence. They also state that they were led to believe that actress Diana Rodriguez and actor James Caan were already contracted to act alongside 50, but that no official agreements had been met.

50 also wrote the script for 'Things Fall Apart' with Brian Miller, while Mario Van Peebles was attached to direct. Shot this past May in Michigan, the film stars the rapper as a football player who copes with a cancer diagnosis during his senior year in college. Curtis Jackson shocked the world when he released pictures of his dramatic weight loss for the film.